What time am I able to check-in?
Our Hotel’s Check-Out time is 12 noon but it can be extended on request.
What time should I check-out by
You can Check-In any time after 10 am
What is the room rate? What taxes and/or additional charges apply?
Room rates and availability display on hotelroyalparkview.com.mm during the online reservation process.
Will I be guaranteed that my room will have the bed type, view or location I requested?
When making a reservation online, you can select a bed type specific room (such as City View 1 King Bed). Choices vary depending on availability. You will also be able to note your smoking preference, type in comments and make additional requests.
Where can I find room descriptions?
Descriptions of rooms can be viewed on hotel-specific sites or during the online room reservation process.
My flight leaves late in the day; will it be possible to check-out late?
Yes, you can Check-In late as our Hotel is concerned about our every guest we also provide pick and drop services. So you may place a request for that as well.
Is wireless internet available at all of your hotels?
Yes, there is Wi-Fi facility in all our Hotels.
Is breakfast included in the price of my room?
You can enjoy morning breakfast from 7 am to 10 am every day and yes it is included in your room price.
Is a laundry service available at all of your hotels?
We provide laundry services. You can call in reception and they will help you with it.
Are safety deposit boxes available at all of your hotels?
Yes, we do have safety deposits in our Hotel.
Is room service available at all of your hotels?
We want all our guests to have a pleasant and comfortable stay. For that, room service will be just a call away.